Mustard Seed

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A few days ago, an awesome man I knew passed away. His name was Mark, and he would always greet me with a smile, and take the time to ask how I am doing. This wasn’t strange as most employees at Chick-Fil-A are like this. Mark was a guy that took the time to listen, and make you feel like you were the only person that mattered as he was talking or listening to you.

One day, he came up to me and my colleagues and shared a devotion with us called “The Mustard Seed”. He had a small packet of them, and told us to hold out our hand. He asked us if we have ever held or seen a mustard seed before. I honestly have never seen or held one before, and they are very small like the picture I have attached to this article. He shared with us the simple bible verse from Matthew 17:20 that says “With faith like a mustard seed, nothing is impossible.” Sometimes in life he explained, that people are looking to know everything or want to question everything, but sometimes you just need a little faith, and everything will be ok. He also explained that he can use you, even if you think you will not make a difference, share the word to others and see what happens. Often we just go to church, or read the bible, and stay to ourselves thinking that I can’t make a difference. Just like a mustard seed, you can. The mustard seed is the smallest seed the Jewish people would plant in their gardens, but it’s also the fastest and largest growing plants in their garden. A seed is persistent, never giving up. Only death will stop it from growing and working to produce fruit. This may be the most important characteristic of a mustard seed: it never gives up!

I have included this devotion in the Resource Zone. Feel free to share and pass along!

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