Songs Can Start A Spark!

Image result for spark to get a fire

Songs are a great way to start a spark in your program. I am an awful singer, usually off key. If you are the same way, this should not stop you from adding this to your program. Kids and Staff need a time to get outside their comfort zone, or help lead if this is something they love to do. Adding the arts, and a time of reflection to your program gives everyone a chance to slow down from the crazy day to day things we are normally doing. Songs not only can be a time for devotion, they can also be fun and interactive to get the energy out of your group. You can be silly, goofy, dance, and just be a kid!

Challenge your staff and group. By designating a staff to get in front of a large group to lead a song can be very tough for some staff. I always like to have a person who has lead songs before go with a new staff member to lead a song. This will get them comfortable, and for back up if they forget something. The best thing about kids, they are kids. They will not make fun of you for not remembering a line in a song. I usually just make up a different verse if I forget, and roll with it. If you stay confident, kids will not know what happened, and you can push through! Staff and kids will always stay reserved and shy if they don’t ever sing or lead a song. Add this to your program, don’t ignore it!

I added three old school songs to the Resource Zone today! They are Peanut Butter and Jelly, Noah, and Pass It On.


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