Copy Cat!

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A fun contest I like to play with kids or staff is “Copy Cat”. This contest is great because it takes just a few supplies and can entertain a big group. I am not sure how I learned about this, I think it was during an Early Release Day and we have just the cafeteria for about 30 minutes. Contests are a great way to get kids to compete against each other, and it takes their attention off having to be inside one area for a while. It can buy you some more time before you are able to move into your normal programming, or if you have limited staff at that time. Contests are also good for staff to compete against each other as well. I have some other contests listed in the Resource Zone for you to steal.

For Copy Cat, you will need a bunch of Jenga Blocks, and a table for the kids or staff to build on. To start Copy Cat, you will need to build a small structure for the kids or staff to build and copy. It can be a small tower, a mini house, anything really. Make sure the kids or staff have the right amount of pieces available to build with. Put one kid on the left side of the table, and one kid on the right side of the table. Have the kids or staff watching give you a countdown, and then you say “Go”. First person to build/copy what you have built on the table is the winner. You can play different variations, where the winner stays, or the winner moves on to the next round, and make it into a small tournament. I have also played kids vs staff. This is a fun way to get the crowd hype. Copy Cat is perfect for competition because it doesn’t really matter how old you are, anyone can compete and win!

Check out the Resource Zone in the menu for more awesome ideas!


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