Stuck Inside? 21 Games To Keep You Entertained!

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With Hurricane Florence arriving into North Carolina, here are some games to play with your family! Idle Time Games and Contests are a great way to beat the time, especially if the power goes out. Check out the Resource Zone for more fun ideas to do while you are stuck inside.

Dollar Drop: Have a kid stand up and hold their hands out with their palms facing. Hold a dollar bill over the opening in their hands. The object is for them to try and catch the dollar bill between their hands. If you don’t want to loose the dollar bill, make sure their hands are spread wide enough apart, and that you hold the dollar bill close enough to drop all the way through!

Starburst Taste: You can use starburst or any other flavored candy, have the kids close their eyes, unwrap a piece of candy for them and have them guess what flavor it is.

What’s In My Pocket/Bag: Think of something that is in your pocket/bag and have the kids try to guess what you are thinking of…It can really be in your pocket, or you can say you wish this item is in your pocket. Your key chain also works great. Ask them to guess what each key goes to.

Balancing: Have a balancing contest. Call up a couple kids and see who can balance on one leg the longest. Make it harder by adding things you have to close your eyes, or pat your head, and rub your stomach.

Who Wants To Be In My Club: Make a patterned hand movement. Call up one kid at a time to repeat what you have just done. Than can be an ongoing game throughout the day.

Going On A Cruise: Start off by saying, “My name is ______, _______ and I am going on a cruise. On this cruise I am going to bring a _____ and ______. These two items have to start with a certain letter of your name. The first item is in your first name and the second item is in your last name. (Ex. MY name is Dustin Williams and I am going to bring Doritos and Waffles.) Have the kids tell two things that they are going to bring. If the first letter of the two items they are bring are in the same place in their name as yours than they can go on the cruise with you!

What’s Different: Pick someone to go away from the room and change three things about their appearance that the group could see. Bring them back and see if they can guess what they changed.

Trivia: Kids love to learn anything about you. Ask them questions like what color car do I drive, foods, restaurants, sports teams, etc.. You can make the questions harder depending on their age.

Spin Catch: Get a tennis ball and have the kid bounce the ball on the ground, spin around one time and catch the ball. If they catch the ball, have them spin around twice and catch it. Switch it up and have them use one hand to catch it.

Claps: Have a kid grab a small ball (Gator Ball) and have them throw it in the air. While it’s in the air see how many times you can clap before it hits the ground. You must catch the ball too.

Cup Balance: Get a paper or plastic cup and fill it 1/4 of the way up with water. Have them sit with their legs crossed on the ground. Place the cup on their head and have them slowly try to get to a standing position. If they can do that, you can have them lay on their back, place the cup on their forehead and then try to get to a stand position. Challenging Variation:  They can’t use their hands to get them up.

Jump The Dollar: Get a dollar bill or any other object about the same size. Place it on the floor. Have a camper get real close to it, with their feet. Next have them grab the tip of their shoes then try to jump completely over the dollar without letting go of their shoes.

Keep Up The Balloon: Depending on how many kids or people you have, divide the kids into 2 or 3 groups or even just one group. See how long they can keep the balloon in the air. If one group’s balloon hits the ground, they have to sit and wait for the other group to finish. (You can’t catch the balloon, only hit it up.)

Balloon Relay: Have each couple only hold the balloon up with their chests, hips, or backs. Working together they must walk to the wall or cone and back. (They can’t use their hand, only after it hits the ground can they use their hands to put in back in place and continue the relay.)

Make Me Smile: Find someone who can keep a straight face. Pick a few kids to participate. Each kid gets one minute to act silly, say dumb things, to make that person crack a smile. The straight face person has to stare at them the entire time. The person trying to make them smile cannot touch  them at all. Variation – Have the straight face person hold water in their mouth, if they spit it out or dribbles out, they lose!

Intuition: Think of a number between 1 and 10, kind of a cereal, cartoon, or candy bar. Next, ask the kids “Who can tell me what_____ I am thinking about?” Let every one who raises their hand guess one a time. After each person has one guess, say everyone who said ____, stand up. You have good intuition.

Imitation: Pick a few kids and see who can do the best imitation of a particular animal, cartoon character, scary monster, or even a counselor. Use your imagination. The options are limitless.

Stand Up Fast: Have a few kids sit down on the ground with their legs crossed. When you say go, see who can get to their feet the fastest. Variation: This time, they can’t use their hands to help push themselves off the ground. They have to keep their hands on top of their head.

Act Out A Career: Simply have kids act out what they want to be when they grow up. They can’t make any sounds.

The Name Game: Divide the group/family into two teams. One person in each group must be designated to be the spokesperson, no one else in the group can yell out anything.  Have them name as many as they can: Cereals, Cartoons, Candy, Colors, Restaurants, Animals that begin with a certain letter (Choose one or make up their own category.) Go back and forth until one group cannot come up with an answer.

Relay Races: Tons of Variations! 1. Run 2. Skip 3. One Leg Hop 4. Walk Backwards 5. Hop Backwards 6. Crab Walk 7. Chicken Cluck 8. Baby Crawl 9. Holding Hands With Their Partner 10. Leap Frog 11. Rolly Polly 12. Summersault 13. Gallup 14. Bear Crawl




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