Inspired by a 90 year old referee!

In Youth Programs, devotions are a good way to reach staff or your participants. I have attached a great video that you can share with your team. At the University of Alabama, there is a 90 year old referee named Eddie Conyers helping at practice everyday. He said, “They say you have to have something to do and something to look forward to.” Well he has been doing this since 1962, so I will say he loves what he is doing. This is a great story to share with people that may be struggling finding their passion. We all have our ups and downs. Sometimes if you focus on what makes you happy, instead of other things you can’t control, then you will be successful. Eddie even explains his relationships with Bear Bryant or Nick Saban, not always the easiest thing. This is also a good message for anyone working, it will never always be fun or easy. You will have the bumps in the road, but you learn from them, and get better, Watch the video below. I will upload this to the Resource Zone along with a small guide for questions.


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