Human Battleship!

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As the weather cools, indoor game ideas always come in clutch! Especially if you are going through variations of Dodgeball everyday. Hopefully we all remember playing Battleship as a kid. If you have never played this game, please go to your local store and buy this now. You will not regret that purchase, trust me! I still love Battleship as an adult, and this is a great game to play with kids as well. This board game is also the inspiration behind the game Human Battleship! I will highlight how to play this game, and what supplies you will need.

Human Battleship is a game you will want to play indoors, because you will be laying down for the majority of the game. As long as you have a big indoor space, you will be ready to play. You will also need to lay down tables with the legs out, or use gym mats to separate the middle of the room, so the participants can’t see the formation you have setup. You will also need a big size gator ball as your missle, for middle school and high school aged participants you can use a kickball for even more fun! Each side of the playing space, make the grid small so participants can throw the “missle” over the dividing wall. To start play, you will need to divide your group in half. Then as a group, you will have a person that will get to fire the missles. The other participants will lay in the shape of ships. You can mimic the game and lay down in the following…

  1. Aircraft Carrier – 5 people
  2. Battleship – 4 people
  3. Submarine – 3 people
  4. Cruiser – 3 people
  5. Destroyer – 2 people

It also depends on how many people you have in your group. If your group is small, just have 2-3 ships. The ships and people must lay in a straight line just like in the board game. Once the design is complete on both sides, the facilitator will give instruction to start playing. The player that has the “missle” must be sitting down as they throw the ball over the wall. When the ball flies over the wall, the ship may not move. If they hit someone, the facilitator will yell “Direct Hit on Cruiser or whatever ship they hit”, if they miss they will say “Miss”. Creative huh? The person throwing the “missle” needs to have a piece of paper to track their hits and misses. The next team gets to throw next, and you will go back and forth taking turns. If the battleship is knocked out, the game is over. You can also play another variation, and play by points. The team receives points for the number of people in the ship. The team with the most points wins. You may have another way to play this game of Human Battleship. Please feel free to share with me! You can find more games like this in the Resource Zone!

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