Greasy Pumpkins and Clementines!

Image result for tangerine like a pumpkinThis is the time of the year for Trunk or Treats, carnivals, and fun parties! If you are looking for a fun game, try Greasy Pumpkins and Clementine decorating. These are two of my favorites we have done in the past few years, and kids/parents love it.

Greasy Pumpkins is a very easy game, and takes just a few supplies. To set this game up, you will need a few cones to mark the starting and finish line, a few bottles of baby oil, trash bags, and a few pumpkins that are big and small. Rub the baby oil all over the pumpkins first. Let them get soaked and really slippery. Then setup your cones to mark the boundaries. For the trash bags, cut or rip a hole in the top of the bag, and on both sides of the bag for the arms to go through. Go ahead and make a few so all people have to do is take them on and off so the game keeps moving. Use different size pumpkins if you have a crowd of all ages. Kids like the smaller pumpkins, and Teens/Adults like the bigger pumpkins. Once you have all this ready, you are ready to start Greasy Pumpkins. Say go, and the two participants will run with their greasy pumpkin against their trash bag to avoid their costume or clothes getting oil on them. Have them run to the finish line or to the cones, and back to where they started. If they drop their pumpkin, they must pick it up, and go back to the starting line. First person to finish without dropping their pumpkin, and crossing the finish line wins! This game is best used as a station at an event, not an actual activity to be played with a group of kids.

Decorating Clementines is a great way to get in the pumpkin decorating spirit without using a knife and keeping safety first! Younger kids love this game, and so do the parents/staff! All you need to decorate Clementines are sharpies and the Clementines. It is definitely smart to lay down some plastic sheeting for the tables just in case the markers rub onto the table. Have them decorate the tangerine making eyes, teeth, nose, and hair! Tell them to be creative! The other fun thing for decorating Clementines is they can eat the Clementine after they are done! A great and fun way to promote healthy eating during Halloween!

If you are looking for more fun ideas for your event, they are located in the Resource Zone. Happy Halloween!

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