The Rock!

Image result for the rock eyebrow

Well in this case, “The Rock” not the wrestler, but an actual rock is a great devotion to use with your kids or staff. I decided to pull you in with this picture, hoped it worked! You may even be giving me this look right now. Devotions are a great way to build community with your team, huddle/group, or staff. It gives you time to pause and reflect. Devotions are also good ways to teach public speaking and confidence. Kids and Staff learn to answer questions in front of one another, and sometimes have them read or be part of the devotion is a fun challenge for them too. “The Rock” is a great devotion that teaches kindness, something we all need to work on!

For the devotion, “The Rock”. All you need is small rock. Hold this in your hand and make a fist around the rock. Tell kids, one at a time to try and get the rock. They will pull at your fingers, try to twist your arm. Finally a kid will ask, “May I please have the rock?” If the group is really young, talk to a kid prior to the devotion and have him or her ready to do the right thing just in case it goes on forever. This is a great devotion to teach kids to use kind words over strength or force. Have some open ended questions for staff or older groups of kids to answer…

  1. When have you not used patience in a conversation? What happened as the result?
  2. We all feel frustrated, maybe in this game. How do you handle being frustrated?
  3. Have you ever rushed into making a decision? What happened as the result?
  4. Think about an activity you had to do as a team. What did you learn and how did patience and being kind to one another help?

There are more Devotions in the Resource Zone! Feel free to steal and share!

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