Staff Training Tailgate!

Image result for panthers tailgate

Tailgates are not just for sporting events. They can also be used at Staff Trainings! That’s right, get everyone together and have fun before you begin to train! I have done this a few times with our staff, and it’s been great to see staff talk with other staff that they have not met before. This also builds community and relationships with each other!

The staff training tailgate idea came from my own personal experience with going to meetings. I drive to the meeting,  walk in, and then sit down and wait for the meeting or training. I usually sit with people I know, and get relaxed. This relaxed feeling leads to myself getting bored or day dreaming. I like to create things that might make me excited and change that feeling from happening to my staff. I love sports, and I love tailgates. It was the perfect combo. I also want my staff engaged and ready to listen so they can take something away from that training.

What to do at a staff training tailgate? Definitely have food! Ask your parents of your staff to see if they want to volunteer. Ask them if they would be interested in providing any snacks, and if they would like to pass the food out to our staff. This is great way to get parent involvement and to help your tailgate! If you can’t find any parents, grab some food and have your leadership staff help setup. Some fun games to have are corn hole, throw a football around, and cup stack. Cup stack is a game in the resource zone on this website, go check it out! After doing a few tailgates, sometimes with high school and college aged staff, they don’t want too much programmed. They are usually sleepy and just want to talk to each other. So pump up the music on the block rocker (portable speaker) and have fun! That’s pretty much a staff training tailgate! Enjoy and change the style of your trainings and meetings. I am sure someone has had that same bored feeling I have had of just waiting in a chair!


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