Treasure Island

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One of my favorite games to play is called Treasure Island. I love playing this game with the kids and staff . This game teaches teamwork, trust, and patience. This is especially important as you build your program or group into a small community. I have observed when the kids and staff are playing things together, instead of games that involve small groups or just one person winning, group control and discipline issues seem to go away. We all want to be part of something. Be intentional with your programming, it can really change someone’s day, especially someone that may not have many friends.

Treasure Island is a simple game. It only involves poly dots, and a clothes basket as your treasure box. You can include things like pool noodles, jump ropes, and other fun objects like a fake stuffed fish to put in your playing field. If you have a hill at your program, try to use this, makes it even more fun! To facilitate Treasure Island, break your group up into two teams. Then count out enough poly dots and put into a pile, have just enough for one per person per team. Next, the teams line up and the person in the back of the line will pass the poly dot to the next person and so on, as it makes it to the front of the line. Then the person at the front throws it down and steps onto it. The process, continues for the next one. If you step off the poly dot the whole team has to go back to the starting line! So it is very important to explain to the teams that you want to finish quick, but if you throw the poly dot to far, your teammate may step off onto the grass. Communication is key in this game, and being patient as the teams will learn that not everyone moves as fast as they would like. The goal of the game is to get to the finish line, and grab the treasure chest which is the clothes basket. They must grab the treasure chest, and all have a seat. If they do this, they will be the winner. You can play this game inside as well. You just need a big open space. If you want to play another round, add in fun things to the playing field that the team will have to navigate around instead of just using an open space.

I hope you enjoy adding this game into your program. This is also a great game to incorporate into a staff training or an ice breaker at a staff meeting. This is not just for kids! More ideas in the Resource Zone!

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