It’s November and Sunflowers are blooming? Well somehow these are doing great beside our YMCA. We established a garden “KinderGARDEN” beside our Kindercamp program. Kindercamp is a half day Summer Camp that is for 3-5 year olds. This age group can be tough with group control sometimes. So a great way to keep them busy are jobs. We thought the garden would be a nice touch and give those kids a chance to be helpers. They can water the garden each day, measure the growth, and take pictures. Kids love to be in charge and giving them ownership in the program is key. The garden was pretty easy to setup, we just asked our staff if they had any planters, and we had someone donate an old wooden planter. I bought the soil and sunflower seeds off Amazon. Planted the seeds and watered them with the kids help. Now we have a garden for them to come back to each Summer, and we can begin expanding this!

These may sound obvious but some other fun jobs for them to be helpers…

  1. Door Holder/High Fiver
  2. Line Leader
  3. Trash Collector
  4. Art Chief – Help you lay out supplies
  5. Game Chief – Stand beside you while you explain game, let them put out a cone or ball.
  6. Pool Chief – Help put life jackets away

Get your kids involved! This will make your job easier, and also make the kids feel valued. This goes for any age group, not just 3-5 year olds. Get your staff duties and let them have ownership as well.

Check out the resource zone for more ideas, I added this to Youth Programming!

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