Reindeer Games!

Timber Staff

It’s that time of the year where you usually sit around eating and opening presents. Reindeer Games is a great way to break the norm, and get your team active. Team building can involve a variety of different contests and games. We decided to take this to the next level, and utilize our YMCA facility. We wanted to host one of our local elementary schools that we currently partner with over for some fun. Their staff team usually has lunch and meets in the library on Early Release days. The principal surprised the staff, and told them to carpool and drive to the YMCA. They broke the staff into 8 teams and created Reindeer Games. Many of the staff have never been to our YMCA before, and some have never been to a YMCA. This was a great time to let them know about what we provide and how we can help them with our programs.

Reindeer Games

Pictured above is their scoring system and a variety of games listed to play in. The list included several options of games that had them sitting and moving around. With teachers and staff, it is always important to set rules and have a scorekeeper. The first game was Volleyball, but with points for the teams that could keep the balls away from their side. The next game was the human version of Hungry, Hungry, Hippos! For the Hippos game, you need scooters, laundry baskets, and balls of different sizes. Use a whistle, total the points, and switch the teams in and out. This was awesome to watch and help with!

Volleyball    Hungry Hippos


In the Trivia game pictured above, go to the website, and each team can use their phone to submit their answers. This is a really fun interactive way of playing trivia, as the teams that answer correctly will show up on the screen. You just need a computer, internet, phones, and projector/screen for this game. I have never heard of Kahoot until recently. I love learning about new websites and ways to interact with staff.

Overall, the staff from this elementary school had a great time. It is fun to surprise your staff team, and create new memories. Community partnerships and relationships are an important component to a quality program. There is power in working together and building trust. Think of ways you can get involved in your community. I have added this team building idea to the Resource Zone under Youth Programming.

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