Contest, Contest, We Want A Contest

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Sort is a fun contest for small groups or large groups to participate in. This is a very easy contest to setup, and works great for almost any age group. Contests are a great way to entertain a large group on a rainy day, help maintain group control on a long day, or if you just need to buy some more time while waiting for another group or activity to start. The more you keep kids or staff engaged, the better your day will go. It is important to make sure your programs don’t have tons of idle time. The more time you have unstructured can lead to behavior problems, and staff becoming increasingly bored. Have your staff lead contests and make them part of your program. They will have tons of ideas and will help grow them as leaders in the program.

Sort is a simple contest. As the facilitator, you can either have your entire group do this contest or have them compete in teams. This really depends on how big your group is. At our programs we have kids separated by age groups (huddles), and just because the group may be older doesn’t mean they will win. With your counselors/staff helping, it is fun to see who can win! Have the group or groups stand up. Tell them to form a line without talking from shortest to tallest. The first group to do this wins one point. There are tons of variations, I have listed them below…

  1. Alphabetically (Talking or Not Talking, depends on how well group knows each other!)
  2. Age (Talking or Not Talking. Hand Signs can work!)
  3. Hair Color
  4. Birthdays
  5. Grade

Have fun making more variations! This is a fun contest to build teamwork and unity. Remember, don’t make kids or staff sit around. Your programs are supposed to be fun! No one just wants to wait around everyday! Check this contest and more out in the Resource Zone!

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