Magnanimitas and Cody Parkey!

Image result for cody parkey points to the sky after missing field goal

Leaders should be challenging themselves and taking time for reflection. With the start of every new year, many people set goals. Data usually shows that these goals usually get forgotten by February. I am here to challenge you to reflect and utilize devotions with your staff, kids or yourself. There are also some great tools in the Leadership Tools section on this website. This week, I was impacted by two different things, and I decided to share them with you!

First, is Cody Parkey. He is the kicker for the Chicago Bears. In the playoffs on Sunday, Cody missed a crucial field goal that would have won the game. At the time, the crowd couldn’t tell that the kick was also blocked. As the home crowd boo’d and yelled, Cody immediately pointed up to the sky, and still thanked God. We can’t just be thankful and give honor when times are great. Having the wisdom to thank God in possibly the worst professional moment is amazing. God is still in control and his strength is perfect. 1 Thessalonians 5:18 says “Give thanks in all circumstances”. Such an easy thing to say, but to see this in action is so cool! Sometimes you don’t need to say anything, people are always watching. He exemplified his faith without saying a word. God doesn’t promise us a life free of storms. He promises to lift us through them. I posted this devotion in the Resource Zone. Feel free to print off an steal. I have included some questions to ask your group as well.

Image result for duke energy ceo david fountain

Next is Magnanimitas! You may be saying, what in the world is that? I know I did when I first heard this word. David Fountain is the North Carolina President of Duke Energy and started our meeting with a quick Leadership discussion. He started with this word and asked us what this means. It means “Greatness Of Spirit”. He had index cards for every person. We were told to write this word, and then write the meaning. We were then told to write on the front a question. “Who helped mold you?”. On the back of the index card,  we were told to write “Who have you helped mold?”. These are two great questions to ask yourself heading into 2019 as a leader. He also asked his daughter who was at the meeting and who he helped coach through YMCA basketball, “Who is the best player on the team?” She answered with “The person who makes everyone else better.” A simple reminder, yet often forgotten. It is not the person who scores the most points or has the most rebounds. In leadership, are we really thinking about how we can make everyone around us better? He also told us on the index card to write down “My purpose is…”. We need to be focused and really take the time to think about what you are doing and why you are doing the things in your day to day work. I will add this quick devotion/exercise to the Resource Zone. Feel free to steal this idea, and share with your group.

Take time to reflect in 2019! It is important to continue learning and growing.

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