Backyard Hockey

I came across this product the other day, and thought I would share with you! I am in North Carolina, so this wouldn’t get too much use, but for people living in the Midwest or the North you may be able to utilize this! This is a great way to get outdoors to make your program stronger without having to go to the ice rink!

Go to and check it out. It includes videos on how to setup and take down. It is a little pricey for personal use, but if you were adding to a YMCA, Church, Community Center this could be affordable if put in the budget.

Since the Spring/Summer is approaching, I also looked up indoor soccer and floor hockey that would have boards so the ball could bounce off and stay in play. Gopher Sports has some products and there are some inflatable options as well. As a programmer, continue to think of ways to innovate your current games. Don’t use lack of space as an excuse.

I have made a vendor list on the website. Feel free to share any ideas or places you have bought products.

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