40 Yard Splash!

The NFL Pro Bowl is this weekend and they added a new skills challenge called “The 40 Yard Splash”. Shout out to the NFL for changing things up, and doing something new. If you watch the video, look how much fun these grown men have filling up water buckets! This is what quality programming is about. Change things up, make it fun for the fans and players. This is a big reason I started this website. I want people to steal and share ideas to continue to make their program better. We all deserve to have fun!

I am huge sports fan. I have found different ways to incorporate sports into youth programming/camps. One year I did a “NBA All Star Weekend” and positioned this event to align with the same weekend of the actual event since kids are already getting excited about it. We did a three point contest, dunk contest, skills challenge, and then had a NBA ALL star game with kids vs staff. You can incorporate NHL and MLB all star weekends too! I think the staff may get into these events more than the kids, but if they are happy the kids will be happy. Find ways to take things they see on TV and incorporate them into your program. Don’t over think it. You may not have all the supplies or space, but they are kids and will appreciate anything you try and do!

I have added my own version of the 40 Yard Splash to the Resource Zone. First, divide up your age group/huddle into two teams. Have two huge baby pools filled with water. Each team has one small bucket. Have them pass the bucket in a line just like a relay, and at the front of the line they must dump the bucket of water into a large bucket that has a line marked at the top to fill to. Once the person pours the small bucket, they must run to the back of the line, and fill it up from baby pool, and pass the bucket to the next person in the line. This will give everyone an opportunity for everyone to be a runner and dumper! Once the bucket is filled up, the team must run down the field to the next station. At this station they grab footballs, gator balls, anything to throw. They are trying to throw the ball through a hula hoop one at a time. You can duck tape a hula hoop to a upside down stool. If they make it, they get to dump the bucket of water onto the selected opponent (Before Event Begins) that is waiting at the end of the course. Make sure your staff or facilitators are watching and being the judge.

Happy Saturday!

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