Shark Tank, Not Just A TV Show…

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Shark Tank is not just a TV show on ABC, it is also a great activity you can lead with a middle school age group or high school age group. I recently did a post on the website called “Design Your Own Shoe”, and I have been trying to research and add programming ideas for this age group to help make Summer 2019 the best yet. Middle School and High School is a tough age group to entertain and keep engaged. Many times they have been in the program year after year, and have played every game in the book. They are hungry for something new to do! It is important to add programming in that these teens can actually relate to. So how do you incorporate this TV show into your youth program? I have included below a step by step way to incorporate this into your program…

  1. Probably most important is how long you have the teens work on this project. This can be a week long or two to three day activity. You can even try to align it with a theme like “Entrepreneur Week” or “Boomin Business Week” so you can incorporate other fun things into the programming.
  2. Set the stage on how you want to start and end this activity with your group. Set guidelines around the activity. Explain that we will be awarding fun prizes to the team that can design and sell the best new idea to us.
  3. You can work by yourself or in teams. You must present to a special guests panel, and everyone has to talk. The special guest panel can be small business owners in the community, contact your local Chamber of Commerce and see how they can help. They love when young students get involved with business. This will also double into a guest speaker for you. If you have trouble securing special guests, utilize your leadership staff, directors, or even CEO. This is a great way for them to visit the program with a purpose.
  4. They must put their design on poster board, and have visuals. You do not need to be an artist, but you must take the time to put the idea on paper. You can research by using phones or computers.
  5. Your visuals to inspire. Explain TED Talks. Tons of good talks around entrepreneurs, ideas, and creativity. Show them a video! Show them some clips of Shark Tank with some good ideas that the show has had.

You can add more things into Shark Tank, this is a just a list of how to make this program happen. When I have done this before, I have allotted time throughout the week so the teams can work. I love seeing teens learning how to delegate, work together, and grow as leaders. When you are ready to do the final activity, set the room up like a real show. Have the special guest panel in fun/cool chairs. Set it up so they have a little pressure, this is good for public speaking skills, and also to show them that they have to be prepared during a presentation. The other students can be the studio audience, and make sure they have a good view of the visuals and the speakers. This is an awesome activity to take pictures of and to share on your private program Facebook pages or newsletter. Have one of your staff video the show, so the students can watch how they did!

I will be adding this into the Youth Programming section on the Resource Zone. Check it out for more awesome ideas.

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