Everyone Loves Stickers, Try This Incentive Program!

Finding ways to motivate your participants and staff may be right at your fingertips! Incentive programs with stickers may be an awesome option for you. These stickers can work for any age group, I think the middle school/teen age group is perfect for utilizing stickers. I absolutely love stickermule.com and have had great success using them. You can literally design any sticker and they will make it for you. A great vendor to use!

Incentive programs are key to guiding behavior and rewarding your participants or staff. We all need encouragement and sometimes saying good job or being the line leader isn’t enough! Stickers on laptops, water bottles, notebooks seem to be everywhere nowadays. So for your incentive program I encourage you to design a few stickers and makes these hot items to earn at your program or camp.

Simple Action Steps…

1. Incentive/Point Chart with all the names participating on there.

2. Be consistent and update this a few times a day. Participants need to see you are actually using this and not just talking about it.

3. With the stickers I suggest creating 3-4 stickers and attach point value to them. For example, 25 points earns you R2-D2, 50 points Jabba The Hut, etc. make sure you have a fun theme so the levels coordinate together.

4. Have your staff using them so the participants can see them in action and have some motivation to put them on their belongings as well.

5. If someone earns the 100 point or grand champion sticker, celebrate them in front of the whole group.

6. Winners can design next Summer’s stickers!

I often hear or get questions about how I can make my program better. My first suggestion is always, what is your incentive program? In order for everything else to work, your participants and staff need to be motivated. So if you don’t like the sticker program, please do something else to motivate and encourage good behavior!

I will add this idea to the Resource Zone, and put it under Youth Programming. Check it out on youthprogramfire.com and share with friends.

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