Create A Happy Folder

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If you are looking for a great devotion, try the simple question “How has the YMCA impacted you?”.  Very simple, but gives you a chance to ask your participants or staff to reflect. Doesn’t have to be the YMCA, insert anything to that part of the sentence, and hearing the impact gives you the same result. I also love this question because you can save this to your “Happy Folder”. A “Happy Folder” is something a colleague shared with me a few years ago. In your desk, make a folder and put all your notes, pictures, or things that someone shared with you in there. Print off that email that made you smile. This will also push you to pay it forward, and create happy moments for your staff or people that you come in contact with. Nothing makes me happier than a handwritten note. Taking the time to write something out, is a lost art in my opinion. Utilize that “Happy Folder” when you are having a bad day or need some encouragement. I have done this and it really works. It can sometimes give you clarity or purpose in the busy world we live in.

Another great devotion to share, is from North Carolina Central University. It also deals with the word impact. If you don’t think the kids that we serve pay attention or have role models, check this video out in this post. The coaches son loves one of the players so much, he is in tears when he figures out that he is graduating and moving on. Never take for granted the moments and memories you make with the people you come in contact with. “Always remember this, when you meet somebody, your normal may be their magic. Make it count!”

I have added these two devotions to the Resource Zone, check them out on! Go spread love today, and pay it forward. We all need to smile sometimes.

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