9 Square In The Air!

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March Madness is here and this isn’t basketball I am talking about! If you are looking for a fun new game, try 9 Square In The Air. This is a game that is similar to playing 4 square, but you have more players, and you are hitting the ball up instead. As you can see in the picture, if you time it just right, you can try and spike it towards the player’s square they are guarding. This is game is tons of fun, and a great way to utilize large groups because when someone is out, the next person enters the game very quickly. I also love how this game teaches hand-eye coordination.

Rules from 9squareintheair.com

The person in the middle square (the king square) will serve the ball by hitting the ball up and out of their square.  When the ball comes into your square simply hit the ball up and out of your square into any other square.

– If the ball falls into your square, you are out.

– If the ball is hit outside of the whole game structure,
the last person who touched the ball is out.

– If someone double hits the ball, they are out.

– If someone hits the game structure, they are out.

When someone gets out, they move to the back of the line.  Everyone who was behind them will advance forward one square to fill-in the empty place.  Follow the rotation pattern below to the king square.

When you are looking for something new to add, definitely think about incorporating this game for this Summer. Your kids and staff deserve new activities every year. If you are interested in purchasing 9 Square In The Air, visit their website at www.9squareintheair.com for more details. This game can also work for youth groups, birthday parties, after school programs, and more!

I have added this game to the Resource Zone. Check this section out for more ideas!



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