Exercise Ball Plinko

Exercise Ball Plinko

I am always looking for a new idea for this website and for our programs. Yesterday, I was on Twitter going through my news feed and came across this awesome new game called “Exercise Plinko”. If you are on Twitter give @PeMontgomery a follow and see the fun things this PE Teacher from North, Wales Pennsylvania has going on! I love seeing teachers being creative and adding new things to their curriculum. This website is not just about YMCA related games. It is ideas for anyone working with youth and staff. This is also a good resource for birthday or party games. I have listed below his explanation on how to make and play this game….

“I used about 50 – 4 foot U-Posts from Home Depot. I have a ton that use for my field day. My other idea was to use rebar poles and pool noodles which I’m sure would work well too. I placed cones around my poles to protect the ball from getting damaged. I made the width of each pole slightly larger than the width of the ball. For the sides I used elastic Chinese jump ropes. I also marked each ball with the team number so they wouldn’t get confused. I also just painted white lines as needed.

The game is played in a relay race format with 8 teams.

On GO, the first player runs up the hill with the ball to the white starting line and rolls the ball down the hill. As the ball is rolling, the players run back down the hill to catch the ball as it exits the grid. I labeled points for each chute. Players waiting in line used an iPad and the Tally Counter App to keep score. We just kept playing until they were tired! Lol.

I’m not really sure about the optimal angle of the hill, but I guess the steeper the better (to some degree). I also need to put something on top of the poles as I already lost one ball today. Other than that it’s pretty simple.

If you make one, please share.. I’d love to make improvements!”

What I love about this game is that all the kids are constantly engaged and doing something. This is perfect to add into any program. I will also have this listed in our Resource Zone on the website under Games! Keep sharing and stealing ideas! Thank you again to @PeMontgomery and the Montgomery Physical Education program for this awesome idea to share with everyone.

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