Human Foosball!

Image result for human foosball game

It’s Spring Break here in the Triangle! I will be including a daily post each week to highlight a fun activity you can play outside. Today is Human Foosball!

There are many different ways to play this game. Just google “Human Foosball” and you will see a ton of different variations. You can even rent inflatables that help create this experience. Inflatables are a huge business, and very competitive. They are coming up with more and more crazy things to offer. Definitely utilize your budget to incorporate something like this once a year. Kids and Staff are looking to do new things, so make it happen for them. We have all been to a bounce house, make your program unique!

If you are looking to stay cost effective! One of my favorite versions is off the website and has an easy way to put this game together. This website has tons of other fun ideas. Go check it out!

I have added Human Foosball into the Resource Zone. There are more games and activities included in there, so go check it out.

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