Four In A Row?

basketball connect four game

Spring Break Week is here! Today’s post is about a game called “Four In A Row”. We have all played the original “Connect Four” as a child, but I doubt many of you have played this version. “Four In A Row” was invented by three guys from Perth, Australia. They have a successful YouTube Channel called “How Ridiculous” with over 4.7 million subscribers.  This is basically a game of Basketball Connect Four, but since they don’t have the rights to the “Connect Four” name, they call it “Four In A Row”. They paired up with a local carpenter, showed them the design, and here it is! This game teaches strategy, good hand eye coordination, and critical thinking! I love the simple idea of mashing up two games. I also appreciate how they found someone local to make this for them. I have include a video below of “Four In A Row”.

Next, is Giant Connect Four. At your camp, church, or school, I am sure your kids are playing Connect Four board games sitting down. You can now make a giant sized version of Connect Four, and get kids up and active. Just google “Giant Connect Four” and you will see tons of  variations. These are available for purchase now as well. Walmart has the cheapest I have seen so far at under $60.

I have included both of these Connect Four versions in the Resource Zone! More games and ideas at

Stay tuned tomorrow for another fun outdoor game idea!


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