Paper Football Is Back!

Image result for buzz ball table tailgate

Are you ready to relive your childhood? Paper Football is back. There is a game called Buzz Ball that has the cool footballs, field goal posts, markers, and a cool lined table to play it on. The table folds up and can adjust to different heights. Check out to learn more about how to purchase this game and how to play. This game works for a variety of age groups, and can be utilized to help add something new to your program. So if you hear kids and staff say they are bored of playing the same games. Add this for Summer 2019, and tell them you have something new! You will win the Heisman and be the fan favorite. We need to be adding new things into your program each year.

Where or How Can I utilize this?

  1. If you work with Summer Camps or Before/After School programs you could utilize this at Rides In/Rides Out to keep them engaged. Set up tournaments and have fun prizes for the winner. I see this working perfectly for your middle school age groups.
  2.  If you have a youth group or work with staff, you could utilize this in your youth group room/game room. Great game to keep your staff or group occupied before a meeting or after a meeting. This game gives you another option if you are tired of playing cornhole, shooting basketball, or standing around talking.
  3. I see people enjoying this at a birthday party and definitely at a tailgate.

You can order this product off their website or check them out on Instagram at IG: Buzz_Ball This game retails for $149.99!

I have included this game in the Resource Zone. Check this out for more game ideas to help make your program FIRE!




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