PaddleCourt U.S.A.

PaddleCourt® USA

Do you love playing Paddle Ball? Check out PaddleCourt USA . Their goal is to improve Paddle Ball by elevating the game from a purely recreational activity to a competitive sport. They have a simple portable strap system that lets you set this up in minutes. It can be utilized on sand or on a field. You can even use in a gym or indoor space, you just want be able to secure it into the ground but, will give you the correct measurements to play. This is a great game to use at Summer Camps and set up tournaments with your kids, teens, or staff.

They offer two game sets: PaddleCourt Pro (comes with paddles) or Original PaddleCourt (use your own paddles). They will sell extras to those that need them.

I have added this game to the Resource Zone and to the Vendors section! Check these out on my website for more fun ideas to make your program FIRE!


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