Choose Happiness

Devotions with kids or staff are a great way to give perspective to your day. It could be hour 7 of of your workday, and it is 97 degrees outside, you just need to take a break to reflect. You can read a story, but videos are a powerful tool to reach your audience. I love Goalcast,  and use this website often to share words of inspiration. If you are on Facebook, the Daily Goalcast is awesome as well.

This video called “Once Upon A Time In A Coffee Shop” shares a powerful message about choosing happiness. I love this message because it helps push me to not let the past or problems I have define how I feel. You have the choice to be happy. I also love this because it gives even more clarity to the saying “You never know what someone else is going through”! In any job or in life, you are going to meet people. Be nice and show compassion. That cup of coffee for Ryan in this story changed his perspective that day. You holding that door for someone, or you shooting someone a quick text or phone call to say something nice can make that persons day. Never forget that. Life is hard, and just like when you were a kid, the “Golden Rule” still applies as you get older.

I have added questions to ask your group and this devotion to the Resource Zone. This devotion primary audience would be middle school/teens and older. More devotions and leadership stories are in the Resource Zone and in Leadership Tools section on the website. Make it a great day!

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