Assembly Breakdown to 22 by Taylor Swift!

Welcome to May, which is a big reason for back to back website posts about Taylor Swift. She is one of my favorite people to use in youth programs and staff training. So, what is an “Assembly Breakdown”? This is a way to get all of your staff/participants out of their chair or from sitting on the floor while exercising and dancing to the music. This idea came from the late 90’s when I was a camp counselor, and the tradition has carried on. Kids and Staff get restless, and you need your assemblies to be fun. These small memories you create set the tone for the staff training or camp day. The Assembly Breakdown is ideal for those campers that can’t sit still or keep their hands to themselves. This is also perfect to do at YoungLife or Youth Groups.

Here are some exercises to lead and a few I used in the video…

1. Climb The Ladder

2. Washing Machines (PE Class circa 1980’s)

3. Wave Arms Left and Right (You will feel like a famous musician leading a concert!)

4. Slide left and slide right using your feet and making fun movements with your arms.

5. Squat down and do things with your hands over your face, freestyle movements so they copy you.

6. Jump Up and Jump Down repeatedly, in a circle.

7. Act like you have a microphone and sing the words. Time your movement to changing or beat of song.

Some others that I usually do…

1. Grocery Shopping – Throw your items in a fake shopping cart.

2. Mow The Grass – Crank the lawnmower and pretend to cut the grass around the room.

3. Sprinkler – Arm Behind your head and water the assembly while moving in a circle.

4. Sit-ups

5. Pushups

6. Run In Place, slow jog

7. Slow Motion – The Matrix style

8. Kickboxer – Punch the air, kick movements.

9. Yoga Poses

10. Freestyle – You can do anything! That’s why this is awesome.

Check out the DJ Playlist section on the website for more fun songs. Summer is getting closer!

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