Teen Focus – Life Skills and Career Skills!

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With Summer Camp approaching, we had a great conversation around Life Skills recently. We talked about challenging our older campers and having them learn basic life skills each week. Our goal is to have something tangible to report home each week. The number one question asked is “How was your day?”. We want the campers to respond with, “I learned how to….”

So how do you do this???

Start small, focus one one or two life skills each week to focus on. If you are going to learn how to change a tire, make sure you have the car, tire, and equipment! I have included a list of Life Skills you can use and will add this exercise to the Resource Zone under Youth Programming. In the world of being glued to phones and video games, it is time to take them back to the basics. Using your mind, hands, and working together. When working with Teens, think about career development as well. Partner with local businesses, career counselors from local high schools and colleges, and teach them career skills that they can use!

Life Skills

  • How To Cook Something – Bring in flat top, make quesadillas, pancakes, something simple that requires ingredients, measuring, and is safe.
  • How To Clean – Bring in some basic household cleaning such as dusting, windex, etc. Clean your camp!
  • How To Keep Yourself Safe
  • Emergency Preparedness
  • Basic First Aid
  • How To Read A  Map, Not Google Maps!
  • Basic Etiquette – How To Tie a Tie, Dress, Restaurants/Movies, Calculate Tip
  • How To Vote – Basic Civics
  • How To Write Thank You Messages, Being Kind 101
  • Self Discipline – Exercise and Nutrition
  • Self Care – Sleep and Hygiene. Mindfulness activities.
  • Sewing a button, mending clothes.

Career Skills

  • Public Speaking/Effective Communication
  • How To Interview, Write A Resume, Set Professional Email Name, Social Media, etc..
  • How To Use A Calendar, Time Management
  • How To Write A Letter
  • Using Technology (Podcast, Website, Blogs, etc..)
  • Photography, how to edit
  • How to back up files, protect passwords, security online
  • How to research other than Google, Wiki
  • How to budget, stay out of debt, make a big purchase
  • How to start a business, start a “Shark Tank” competition
  • Effective negotiation
  • Understanding your calling and purpose, vision setting.
  • How to buy and sell a house
  • Critical Thinking/Problem Solving

The key to these lists is to find the experts. Tons of people in your community that would love to help speak to the youth. They will all soon be future employees and customers.

Check out more awesome ideas in the Resource Zone to help you plan your Summer!

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