Cheer Off – Fun must be included.

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It’s that wonderful time of the year. Staff Training. You better have FUN included, or it’s going to be a long Summer for you and your staff. We have been doing “Cheer Off!” ever since I was a counselor during staff training. We have done Veterans vs Rookies, Camps vs Camps, Boys VS Girls, or just split the room in half. This is a great way to teach Cheers, Songs, Blessings and encourage teamwork. In the mix of serious and fun during staff training, get your staff out of their seats and up moving around. Each year we do this, I hear a new cheer or something I have never thought of. Staff are creative, give them this outlet to shine. For staff that are nervous or new, they see that there is no time to be shy and reserved. Kids need you to be fun, not quiet and sitting down. I have included this  video to this post and the Resource Zone. I have some other videos in the Resource Zone to teach your staff, and I have a Song list with a variety of songs. I am still adding songs to this list. Feel free to steal and share. This is why I made this website. We are here to serve the kids/teens and make this fun for our staff. No time to be selfish…

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