Reynolds Noise Meter – Last Minute Ideas For Camp!

Image result for nc state basketball noise meter reynolds

Some camps have just kicked off, and some camps are getting very close. Even if your camp has started, you always have time to add ideas and make your program better. Perfect camps do not exist, but staff that keep trying new things and putting the effort into what they do is what makes the best camp. I have include some last minute ideas to help you as you are checking off your list. Here is my Top 10!

  1. Just thought about this! Assembly Time. The noise meter from Reynolds Coliseum is a great way to kick this post off. Now, I am a huge UNC fan, but I respect and love traditions. This noise meter that is pictured is fantastic. Make your own noise meter for assemblies. One way is to buy simple push lights that are battery operated and have a few on a 2X4 board and when they are all pushed by the staff member, you have reached the HYPE zone for assembly time. Cool visual for those campers.
  2. Welcome Mat “Wipe Your Paws” at the front door of your camp. We rent schools, so this makes a fun touch and creates a “home” atmosphere. Add the camper mailbox, outside so parents can leave their campers mail. It may be a day camp, but KIDS love getting mail. I LOVE GETTING MAIL!
  3. Reading Buddies. Partner up your Middle School camper with a Kindergartner or 1st grader to read to them. Bring Read Across America to your camp too. Great way to invite community members or board members to see your camp and volunteer.
  4. Pen Pals, Face Time. Write another camp cards. Have a pen pal. Setup face time and have group chat to another camp.
  5. For Middle School Age Campers, challenge other camps to sports and host championship games with starting lineups/intros, scoreboards, jerseys, and trophies. Give the camper a chance to play on a team and work together. Not just sports, have them compete in other challenges. Spelling Bee, Shark Tank, etc…
  6. Teach Life Skills and bring in guests. Check a recent post I just did to see this list.
  7. DJ of the Day. Have a camper DJ the carpool time of your day and high five kids entering camp or leaving camp!
  8. Golden Whistle. If you have sports camps, have a golden whistle awarded to camper who is listening, and doing all the right things. Theme your incentives for the camp you are leading.
  9. For camps that have CILTS or Campers In Leadership Training. Have them do job shadows with Directors/Assistant Directors and key leadership staff. Good for them to learn besides helping in a group with a counselor.
  10. Check my website out for some older posts around new games. Hat Tricked, Bottle Bullseye, Buzz Ball, Nine Square In The Air, Paddle Court USA, etc..You want to bring new games to your programming. Kickball and Dodgeball are fine, but adding variety is what kids need.

Check out my website for more ideas! The Resource Zone tab is ready for you to print and steal. Happy Summer!

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