Minesweeper and The Camper

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Minesweeper came out back in 1990 with the Microsoft Entertainment package for Windows 3.1. I grew up playing this game, and have made this into a game you can play with your campers or staff. I love taking old ideas/games and making them relevant again! I also love seeing the kids or staff reactions to something I thought everyone knew about, but have no clue! We are almost halfway through Summer. I have also highlighted “The Camper” devotion to make sure we all have a good reminder on why we do what we do. The “Why” is important to know so you can avoid feeling frustrated or burnt out during those long hot days. Working with kids or people can be exhausting. Recharge your batteries and get after your purpose.

Minesweeper pictured above is a simple game, as the main objective is to steer clear of the mines. If you hit one, you are out! This version I created is a little different. You will have a partner and as a team you will decide who is going through the mine field and who will be the guide. Like in minesweeper, there may just be one “mine” in the gym or field/playing area, or there could be multiple “mines”. The mines are basically anything you set up in the playing field. You can use objects like balls, coins, cones, clothing, hula hoops, etc..My favorite “mine” is tying up two jump ropes to chairs and having the person crawl underneath. The directions are simple, just spread the objects around the playing area and see if they can walk or crawl to the other side without being hit by a “mine”. The only way you can help your partner is to verbally communicate only giving directional commands. If your partner who is blindfolded touches any object, they must go back to the starting line. First team to cross over the finish line is the winner! I have included the details of this game in the Resource Zone on the website. Tons of other games listed in here!

Summer is in full swing, and devotions are great to pull everyone together. “The Camper” is a great devotion to use with your staff as they may need some extra motivation. Finding your purpose is important. Read this below…

The camper is the most important person in any program.

The camper is not an interruption of our work. He/She is the purpose of it.

The camper is part of our business – not an outsider.

The camper is a human being with feelings, like our own.

The camper is a person who comes to us with his/her needs and wants. It is our job to fill them.

The camper deserves the most courteous attention we can give them. – they are the lifeblood of every program!

This devotion “The Camper” is in the Resource Zone as well. Please feel free to steal and use these resources. I have made these easily accessible. Some staff use their phone to read off the devotion or game. Happy Friday!

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