Angels In The Outfield

Angels in the outfield. No not the movie, but an awesome devotion that is perfect to share with your staff or participants. This tribute to Tyler Skaggs and the way this game played out last Friday was simply amazing. No one could have predicted what was going to happen at Angel Stadium.

Let me set the stage! The Los Angeles Angels returned home to Anaheim for the first time since the tragic passing of their pitcher Tyler Skaggs. Not only did the Angels win 13-0, they combined to no-hit the Seattle Mariners and were only a 5th inning walk away from a complete game. The last time there was a combined no hitter in the state of California? Orioles and A’s in Oakland on July 13, 1991. The same day Skaggs was born.

Here are some other cool moments…

  1. Angels 27 year old center fielder Mike Trout, who normally wears number 27 hit his 29th home run of the year, a 454 foot shot (4+5+4=13) on the first pitch he saw.  Coincidentally Skaggs 28th Birthday would have been July 13, meaning his last night as a 27 year old would have been Friday night.
  2. The Angels scored 7 runs in the 1st inning tonight, finished with 13. His birthday is 7/13.
  3. On Saturday July 6, 7 days before No.45 Tyler Skaggs birthday 7/13, both the Angels and Diamondbacks won (both teams he played for) pushing their records to 45-45 going into Sunday July 7th. (7+6=13)
  4. The Angels 13-0 no hit win was 13 days after Tyler Skaggs last outing as a pitcher on 6/29. (9+6-2=13)
  5. Final Stats from the game. Angels 13 runs, Mariners 0. Angels 13 hits, Mariners 0. On base Angels 20, Mariners 1. (13+13+20-1=45)

Some may say this is all pure luck and just a coincidence. I think there are Angels out there watching over us and guiding us (Insert the song by Alabama – Angels Among Us). What a cool story to share with others.

I have added this devotion to the Resource Zone, and some questions to ask your staff or participants. Feel free to steal. This is why the website is here!


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