Axtion Fitness Gaming and Play-Lu

SisyFox Physical Gaming

Last week at the YMCA General Assembly Conference, I came across two amazing vendors during the Program Expo. They are engaging kids/adults to the next level. I love the way they are utilizing technology and getting people active. We are now a generation addicted to our electronics, and these two companies are finding ways to capture this audience while getting them active at the same time.

I was able to try out Sisy Fox that is pictured above from Axtion Fitness Gaming. This game was tons of fun! There are many benefits to this game. It helps develop physical and cognitive skills as you explore physical worlds. It improves coordination, concentration, physical strength, stamina, visual memory, and orientation. Axtion Fitness Gaming has tons of other options that you can try as well. Check out their website  to learn more. It is

Lu is an an interactive playground designed to ignite minds and passions, inspire hearts to race at full speed, and invites everyone to play. They transform traditional school environments into immersive and interactive spaces using a vast catalog of purposeful activities and world class audiovisual equipment. This technology can work inside YMCA gyms or big multipurpose spaces. Check out their website at

I have added these two vendors to the vendor section on my website. Check this out to get more ideas to strengthen your programs.








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