Banana, Banana, Meatball!

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Kindergarten has started in our house, and I was just shown something by my 5 year old that is really awesome. We are known for creative and funky songs at the YMCA, but these songs and dances on Go Noodle are fantastic! Banana, Banana, Meatball was the first one she showed me. She was rocking this song and dance out in the living room. They do a great job of teaching and making the song/dance fun for all ages. They explain the song and do a good job of making it repetitive so you can understand what is going on. They also flash the words on the screen which helps you as well. I am late to the Go Noodle game, as there are tons of videos and songs to learn. This seems to be widely used in schools and homes, but this is great and easy activity to utilize in any youth program. They promote moving with purpose, improving behavior, and building community. This is an excellent program that is utilizing technology while promoting physical activity. Go check them out! I will start adding some of these songs to the Resource Zone!

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