Sharptop Cove!

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I came across a few photos from Sharptop Cove recently as I was scrolling through my timeline. I was fortunate to do Young Life in High School back in the day, but never attended Sharptop Cove or Windy Gap which is the closest camp to my old High School. I thought I would share one of their videos, and highlight this camp on my website this week. I am all about sharing ideas and programs that are FIRE! This website is geared to helping anyone working with youth in any field. Sharptop cove looks like an amazing place, and I am jealous of these teens that get to experience this land of HYPE. I told a girl who attended recently that I want to just go experience worship one night. The energy and enthusiasm from this group of young leaders is so refreshing. So what is Young Life?

Young Life is is a religious organization based in Colorado Springs, Colorado. The organization was started in Dallas, Texas in 1941 by a Presbyterian minister named Jim Rayburn. I love Young Life’s motto. “You were made for this.” Teens today need mentors and guidance more than ever. They invite kids to follow Christ, care for them regardless of their response, and change lives in the process. They have clubs all over the country and this organization is definitely making a strong impact in the lives of many teens and the leaders that help coordinate this. I also wanted to share one of their blogs I came across called Young Life Leaders Org that has a ton of cool resources on there. Check that out for some more inspiration and ideas.

The video below shares a quick glance at the FUN that these teens are having. Some of the cool things I have seen or heard from people that go there are…

  1. Pool Party – Tons of fun relays with inflatables, belly flop and dive contest, basketball, and just old school fun.
  2. Costumes/Themes – Clubs dress up together and wear fun costumes. I love a good costume or theme night!
  3. Outdoors – Archery, Water Slide, Zip Line, Swing, Soccer, Football, Basketball, you name it, they are getting you to exercise and get away from your screen.
  4. Group Hike – Hiking as a group and having worship together.
  5. Worship Time – Skits, Music, and tons of energy.

I am sure I may be missing more, but what a cool and positive experience for these teens. Check out the video below and if anyone is going to Sharptop next Summer, let me tag along and ride the Charter bus!

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