How To Get Kids Active – My Top 4


With the increase of technology, many kids just do not want to exercise. How do we get them off their tablets, phones, video games, and TV? It is not easy, but you definitely don’t want to make it too complicated either. Kids are just like Adults, its hard to break a habit when you have so many steps to complete. I have included my Top 4 Steps to get kids active…

  1. Schedule exercise. You may be thinking, this isn’t fun. Well to get active, you have to make time for it. You make time for your cell phone, sometimes hours at a time. You can set aside time for this. Without this schedule, it will get pushed aside. Stick to it.
  2. Be the example. If you are exercising with them, they will want to do this even more. Don’t be the coach or trainer, get beside them and have fun.
  3. Good breakfast. Make sure you are eating the right foods. You also want to be the example here too. Start the day with something healthy, this will give them the proper energy.
  4. Good playlist. You have to have FUN music. Let them help you make the playlist. I have some fun songs on my DJ Playlist section that are appropriate. If they are having fun and have the power to select their music, then they are more likely to be engaged with you.

In the picture above, I like to do  Workout Wednesdays with my campers and staff. It is a great way to incorporate exercise and movements with the music! Feel free to steal and share. I have more ideas in the Resource Zone!

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