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Check out the latest game I came across called RampShot. This game was selected as the 2019 Tailgating Challenge  “Lawn Game” champion. Josh and Kevin were friends for almost 15 years before they invented RampShot. Their love of the great outdoors, BBQ’s and anything competitive was the inspiration behind this completely unique backyard game.  With Josh’s background in Physical Education and Kevin’s business expertise, the two took the idea and turned it into a fun high quality product that is now played in backyards, beaches, and tailgates around the country! Josh and Kevin launched RampShot in 2014 and it took off rapidly. They realized quickly that RampShot could be the next big thing in outdoor games! What is the tailgating challenge? Check this website out to learn more about the tailgating-challenge.com/ 

How To Play?

They have three videos to show you how to play. Classic, Rookie, and “Slapback” for advanced players. rampshot.com/pages/rampshot-u!

This game doesn’t have to be played at the beach. It can be played in the gym, grass, or any flat surface.

Cost and How To Buy?

Rampshot is very affordable for anyone working with a tight budget. It is $59.99 for the original game with balls and $67.99 with extra balls. You can purchase this game on Amazon and a variety of other retailers. You can go to their website at rampshot.com/ and learn more about this great game.

I have added this to the Resource Zone and Vendors section of my website. Check this out for more great ideas and games!




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