Crab Soccer

Image result for crab soccerIf you are looking to play a different style of soccer, give “Crab Soccer” a try! This is a great way to play soccer with a big or small group. Kids and staff love to do different games so their day isn’t boring. Soccer is a fun game, but not everyday or every week. It is great to change things up, and give them more variety. Some kids that may struggle at soccer may enjoy this style and have success playing this way. When you are programming, put yourself in the participant’s shoes and think is that programming for the week or month something you would enjoy doing yourself! Give kids and staff the opportunity to choose and not feel trapped doing the same thing over and over.

So how do you play Crab Soccer..

You first must pick two teams. Make it fun, tell them this side is the “Bo Berries” and this side is the “Cajun Biscuits”. That is a Bojangles reference if you are confused. As you are splitting them up go slow so you can make sure the team you are putting them on, that the participant is going to that actual side. The best staff know their kids, so if you have really strong soccer players, it is a good idea to divide them up to make the game fair. Players must only be playing the game in the crab walk position. You can let them know if they get tired, they can take a rest on their bottom, but they are not allowed to run around and kick or pass the ball standing up. Make sure you have two designated goalies and if the ball goes out of bounds, have a counselor or staff member ready to throw the ball back into play. The team that scores the most goals wins. To add a “REMIX” into the game, add in two or three more balls. I like to use giant inflatable balls or yoga balls to play with large groups.

I have added more games, songs, contests, into the Resource Zone this week. Check it out and feel free to steal and share!

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