Pillow Fight Dodgeball!

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Did you know in Japan they have official pillow fighting tournaments? Neither did I! I love dodgeball, but this game looks even more awesome! They use futons to block the pillows too. This is very intense and has rules. These players are not running around the gym hitting each other with pillows. This has really taken off and they even have an All Japan Pillow Fighting Association.

Here are the Basic Rules of a Pillow Fight Tournament

  • Teams consist of 5 players (though, each team can have a few pillow retrievers as well)Amazon PillowAmazon Pillow
  • Everyone starts in a sleeping position
  • Teams must stay on their own court – the size of 20 sleeping mats (about 356 square feet)
  • A player is out if a pillow hits him/her (even if they catch the pillow they’re out) – they then must go back to “sleep” for the remainder of the game
  • If a pillow hits two players, only the first one hit is out
  • One person may play defense using their futon (a Japanese quilted mattress) as a shield (though a sleeping bag would work as well, I’m sure)
  • Head shots are fine
  • There is no way to bring back players into the game like in dodgeball
  • The main goals is to hit the “boss” or captain of the team

Another fun rule is “The Teacher is Coming” play. When used, the referee blows the whistle and yells, “The Teacher is Coming!” All players must get to their bed and pretend to go to sleep, as though they are on a school trip and the teacher is coming to check on them . All players, that is, except for the captain of the team that called for the play. The (teacher) gets 10 seconds to gather up any pillows from the other team’s side. At the end of the 10 seconds the game resumes.

I am still learning about this wild and creative game. If you do play, be sure to use pillows without zippers and sharp edges. They do have official pillows they use in Japan. I found this pillow on Amazon, no zippers or sharp edges. and is cheap! Amazon Pillow

Check this game out in the Resource Zone on my website. Lots of fun ideas and games to steal!

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