New Game – Criss Cross!

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Do you remember the group Kriss Kross? It was one of my first ever cassettes. Yep, we had those before CD’s. There is a new game I added to the Resource Zone, called “Criss Cross”. This is an awesome game that you can play with almost any age group, and requires little to no equipment, and just a big indoor or outdoor space to move around.  So what is “Criss Cross” and how do you play?

Divide into 4, equal-numbered teams. Send each team into a corner of your room. The object of the game is to see which team can get to the opposite (diagonal) corner of the room the fastest using the designated method that the leader calls out. If the leader calls out “hopping,” the teams must hop to the opposite corner. This will create quite a “bottleneck” or “traffic jam” in the middle each time. Keep score of which team wins each crossing. First team to 5 wins.

Types Of Crossing…
Wheel barrel (one person holding a partner’s legs while they walk on hands)
Crab Walk
Backwards Walk (but tell them to look backwards)
Eyes closed

Add some fun background music into this, maybe even a Kriss Kross song “Jump” or “I Missed The Bus”! Your staff or participants will be having tons of fun! Check out more fun ideas in the Resource Zone located on my website. They are free to print off, and share with anyone.



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