Fantasy Football – Not Just For Adults, Teens Can Play Too!

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The NFL starts tomorrow! You shouldn’t just have fun with Fantasy Football, get your teens and staff involved! When you work with teens, you are usually looking for something new to get them excited. With Football season approaching, have them do a ESPN fantasy football draft. It is free to do, and easy to setup. If you missed the start of the season, you can still do your own draft using pencil and paper! Can you believe I just said pencil and paper? Don’t let that participant or staff member crush your dream by saying “We already missed Week 1!”. Well, start on Week 2, it is never too late. So now we know what this is, the next question is “Why should we do this?” I have listed the top 3 things that Fantasy Football will do for your program…

  1. It will build closer relationships with your teens and staff. They will begin talking about the activity and the fun games they saw over the weekend.
  2. They will learn how to keep up with stats and how these turn into points. Tons of good resources online to find out how you can keep up with this if you do it manually with pencil and paper. Create your own rules and scoring system if you find this easier. Don’t let missing the draft stop you from doing this activity.
  3. Less behavior problems. You have found a way to get them involved, less down time, and more opportunities to get the teens focused on something they ENJOY.

If you have teens that love the NBA, do a draft for this. If you have teens that love Hockey, do a draft for this. In other words, get to know your teens and staff, and figure out a way to engage them besides asking about their day. You will usually just get “Fine”, “Good” or if you are lucky they may say more than one word. Teens are tough, so this is a way to get them doing something they are actually interested in. At the end of the season, order a fun trophy for them, spray paint a football gold, or do something fun for that person that wins the league. We all love to be celebrated. I will include this idea into the Youth Programming section in the Resource Zone. Check this out on my website. All ideas that you can steal and share.

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