Why Love Is The Only (Best) Way To Communicate.

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This week I came across two videos that have really brought a smile and shown me that love isn’t lost. The bigger question is, do we know how to communicate with each other? If you haven’t seen the two toddlers in NYC hugging on the sidewalk this week, I have attached this video to this post as well. Devotions are important to making your program successful. Reflection and building a team with your participants and staff only help you get 1 percent better. I have seen this video from Goalcast by David Flood a few times, and most recently this was presented by one of our volunteers at our all staff training. Now that cell phones are well established, we struggle learning how to talk and listen to each other. It is also not just cell phones, we have become selfish. We don’t look up as much, we get lost, and become disconnected from each other. As I have become older, I am seeing the disconnect get wider and wider. One of the best quotes from this video from David Flood is…

“Your life is not about you, your life is about all the people around you. Your life is about all the people you can touch, all the people you can impact, all the people you can influence, all the people you love and all the people that love you. That’s how you source your life, live your life like that and watch your life change.”               

I love this quote because we live in a world that is all about what I can get right now. Streaming tv, music, movies, video games, social media, no commercials, all non stop. Everything is at our fingertips, so we become selfish and live in our own world. We stop learning to talk and love each other. This video will help give you more perspective. I have included this devotion in the Resource Zone on my website with a few questions you can ask your participants or staff. I have also included this video in the Leadership Tools section.

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