Tell Me Why You Mad Tuesday!

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Have you heard that LeBron James was trying to trademark “Taco Tuesday”? He wasn’t able to win that decision in court, but he had fun doing this with his family. They were sitting around the table eating taco’s and having fun. I came across “Tell Me Why You Mad Tuesday” when Justin who was one of my staff was leading assembly for a Before School program several years ago. The kids were smiling, laughing, and being honest as I walked into the gym where they were leading assembly. You could feel them getting a weight off their shoulder and it was awesome. So what exactly is “Tell Me Why You Mad Tuesday”?

“Tell Me Why You Mad Tuesday” is a simple activity you can incorporate when you are leading an assembly (large group of people) or if you are just working with a small group of participants or staff. You call up a few participants to explain what has made them mad, and to explain to the group what is going on. Kids love to have a voice, and many times we don’t listen or we try to talk over them or to them. So when they are sitting up on stage with you, ask the first kid why they are mad. I have heard kids talk about that they are mad that they didn’t have any grape jelly left at their house so they had to have strawberry jelly. Some other fun things that kids were mad about were….

  • No hot water for their bath.
  • My little brother slobbered all over my favorite toy
  • My Mom keeps playing the same song in her car every morning
  • Forgot my socks today, so I wore my church socks
  • My neighbor keeps cutting the grass at night
  • Papa Johns forgot our Garlic Sauce. We were crushed.

With kids you never know what they will say, so it is important to make sure you remind them to keep their story appropriate. If a story prompts questions from the audience, ask the kids in the audience to gain more participation, and sometime the story becomes even more fun! Kids or your staff have the power in this activity. They are in charge of your activity. I challenge you to continue to look at your program and see how others can lead. I have added this activity to the Resource Zone on my website. Please steal and share ideas to make your program the best.

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