Pictionary Air!

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Ironically I just played Pictionary at our monthly board meeting today, and then came across this new game called Pictionary Air tonight. It is just $20 to purchase. This is a great way to incorporate a large group to play, since you are able to project this onto a screen. It is easier for people to see and play using this version. It is also fun to draw into the air! The game Pictionary has been around for a long time, but I love that they have added a new twist to this old school classic. This game would be great to have on a stage, and then everyone in the crowd can play instead of huddled up around a sheet of paper. Here is what you will need to play Pictionary Air besides just purchasing the actual game…

  1. Ipad
  2. Apple TV to mirror the Ipad to the screen
  3. Projector Screen or Wall to project on. You could also connect to a TV as well.

Having the right technology is the only tricky thing with utilizing this game. I encourage programs to begin investing in an Ipad and Apple TV. if you haven’t already There are many apps and games you can use for your participants or staff to enjoy. It is always fun to go old school, but as we enter 2020, it is time to utilize technology and take your games to the next level as well.. Pictionary Air is perfect for staff training, youth group nights, team building, and just having fun with your team! Check out the Resource Zone on my website for more fun ideas to make your program FIRE!

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