Egg Haunt!

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We received our first tease at Fall coming in North Carolina today as the temperature was 50 degrees this morning! I was inspired and decided to share a Fall programming idea early with you. The Smithfield Parks and Recreation Department is putting on a Egg Haunt in October, what an AWESOME idea. I have never thought about this simple play on words. What a fun way to get kids active, have fun, and wear your costume. I have done Easter Egg Hunts in the Spring with kids, but never thought about doing this activity in the Fall. One of the biggest things I hear from kids during events in October is that they love to wear their costume more than once! With this activity, you can do just that! Parents are also always looking for something fun to get their kids active, definitely give this a try at your next event. I have included links below of website posts I featured back in 2017 and 2018 regarding Trunk or Treat. I will share some more fun ideas on the website in the next few weeks to get you fired up for October!

Trunk or Treat Ideas 

Greasy Pumpkins and Clementines

Don’t forget to check out the Resource Zone for more ideas to steal and share!

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