Q-Tip Shootout

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As I have been working on this website, I am always trying to find new ideas to share and use! I came across an awesome website called youthdownloads.com that had some great ideas for youth ministry. This game called Q-Tip Shootout is really unique and looks like tons of fun to play. This game could be used at staff trainings or any program really! The game is pretty simple, you just need to break your group up into four teams and have a few supplies. Here is what you will need…

  1. You take a 5 gallon bucket, and cut 4 holes into it. The bucket needs to be painted into four different colors to separate the teams so they know where to shoot their q-tip. More directions are on their website in regards to cutting the bucket if you need more help.
  2. You will need a thick rope to hang the bucket in the air and give you the ability to move it up and down for more of a challenge.
  3. You will need q-tips and straws. If you run out of q-tips, pick the ones up that missed and keep trying.
  4. Set some guidelines before beginning the game. You can’t throw the q-tips in the bucket. You will need a facilitator to keep up with the countdown and fun music to play in the background. Usually about 3 minutes is a good time for this game.

Check out youthdownloads.com for more fun ideas. I will post this idea into the Resource Zone on my website as well.

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