Zoo Keeper


When I was researching new games, I came across the Illinois Elementary P.E. teacher of the year on Twitter, aka my 2nd home. His name is Mike Graham and he is from Geneva, Illinois. He came up with this awesome game called “Zoo Keeper”. This game focuses on teaching locomotor skills and animal walks. I have the picture above to use as a guide. Students or your campers will pick an animal from the bucket and they must do the movement associated with the animal they choose. He uses the classdojo.com app and the random picker tool from the toolkit for the projector, and uses the Classroom Roulette app that is part of the idoceo.net suite of apps. If you don’t have the TV, Projector, Ipad, technology due to your budget/resources, you can still go old school and modify the game. Put the names in a hat and the colors in a hat. If you don’t have all the different color buckets, find containers and tape the color on top so they still have the visual. You definitely don’t want to let cost or resources get in your way of teaching this game. You also can play this game outside, doesn’t have to be in the gym. This game is perfect for younger students and campers. He is doing this game with two Kindergarten classes in the video that I watched.This game can be used at any youth program, not just in a P.E. class.

If you are on Twitter follow @pe4everykid and he also has a website pe4everkid.weebly.com that is his P.E. website and he also has a YouTube channel Mike Graham! Please go check him out, love his creativity and enthusiasm for his job as a P.E. Teacher. I have added this game to the Resource Zone on my website, feel free to check that out and grab some more ideas.

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