Cosmic Dodgeball

Have you ever wanted to play Dodgeball in the dark? Give “Cosmic Dodgeball” a try. I did a post back in 2018 around this game, but wanted to elaborate a little more and bring this idea back to you. I received a question from Ireland this past weekend. Shout out to Hannah from the University of College Cork! I also just played in a Dodgeball Tournament this weekend that had a DJ, Last Man Standing Contest, and trophies for the winners. We had a great time even though we only won 1 game! Creating a fun atmosphere is key in to making Dodgeball so much fun. You may have read articles or seen different people talking about how Dodgeball is a “Bad” game or a game that creates bullying. They say kids feel bad about themselves after playing. Now this is just my personal opinion like everything on my website, but I disagree completely with this. I have lead Dodgeball with kids for over 20 years, and I think any game can get out of control if it is not staffed correctly, and there is no group control during the game. There are many creative ways to play Dodgeball besides just lining kids up on a wall and pegging them with a ball. Like I mentioned before, you create the atmosphere, the rules, and how you want the game to go. If played correctly, you can teach teamwork, sportsmanship, and teach a variety of movement skills. They are catching, throwing, dodging, and blocking. Check out my game Pin Blaster Dodgeball in the Resource Zone, a great game that teaches throwing accuracy, with the goal of trying to knock down bowling pins on the other team’s side to win the game. You can debate me I am sure, but Dodgeball is great. So what is Cosmic Dodgeball?

Cosmic Dodgeball is a game that is played with balls that glow in the dark. You can purchase these on S&S Worldwide. You will also need a playing space that can get somewhat dark. I have used Christmas lights to outline the court, some people use black lights and use reflective tape to outline the space. You definitely want to have some lighting so you can somewhat see the balls being thrown at you. You also definitely need music and a “DJ” to play fun music during the game. As you create the rules,

  1. Head shots don’t count
  2. if you catch someone’s ball they are out.
  3. Iif you drop a ball you are trying to catch, you are out.
  4. You must stay in bounds while playing.
  5. Time limits for games (3 Minutes) is a good time limit.
  6. If a ball hits you, and then bounces and hits another player, the ball that hit you counts. The other person is in.
  7. If you try and catch it, but miss, and the ball goes in the air, and someone else catches it, you are still out.
  8. You can’t block balls with balls.

There are many ways to play, these are my suggestions for rules that have worked for me. Go have fun and play Dodgeball. Email me with any questions. Tons of great games in the Resource Zone on my website. Check them out and feel free to steal and share.

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