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I recently came across this awesome game called ProjeX! This game looks like it would be tons of fun to play at any youth program. ProjeX is an affordable projection arcade game that you can play inside and outside. You can turn any wall into a projection screen. To play outside you can put up on your garage, side of house, or setup a screen using a bed sheet! This game is portable and battery operated. The other great thing is that you don’t need any sensors, it is connected to the game! The digital scoring will keep track of your hits. They have three different target cartridges. They are basic targets, UFO’s, and ducks. You can team up with a partner or go head to head. I see this being a game in a youth program where you setup a tournament, and you would be able to rotate participants in and out.

Where can you buy this game? It is currently available at Target and Walmart. The cost of this game is only $49.99! That is about $10 less than a PS4 or XBOX One video game. If you want to learn more, go to!

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