This Makes The “Happy Folder”…

Image result for boy reads note to coach

You may or may not have seen this story this week about a 6 year old boy saying thank you to his coach after a YMCA Flag Football game? If you haven’t yet, or want to see it again, check it out below. This is a great video and message to share with your staff or volunteers to show why you do what you do. When you volunteer or work with children, you never know the true impact you may have on them. This can get lost sometimes in the day to day work of getting jerseys, trophies, fields lined, equipment, and monitoring your budget. Youth programs are created to make memories and teach character development. Slow down and take the time to reflect on what is going on during the season and after the season. Ask the question, “Are my programs making an impact”? You definitely need to be organized in youth programming, but you also need to reflect and pause for the special moments that are created.

When I first started my career, I was struggling with a few things at work and even questioning my decision making. I was wondering if this is the right job for me. I had someone share with me one time about creating a “Happy Folder”. This is simply creating a folder in your desk drawer, and putting the thank you cards, nice notes, pictures, or anything that you want to save and look back on. You can do this with emails too. When you are having a bad day, open that desk drawer and pull out the “Happy Folder” and give yourself a reminder on why you do what you do. When you know your purpose, it becomes very powerful, and helps you wake up each day for that job. I love to do this when I am having a rough day or week. It will bring perspective to your current issue, and remind you that you are doing a great job. It will also push you to pay it forward, and write handwritten notes to staff or volunteers. I love a hand written note, because it shows that the person took the extra time. Texts are great, but nothing beats that hand written note. I will include this devotion and the “Happy Folder” into the Resource Zone. Check this out on my website for more fun ideas.


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